Location: Wanning, Hainan, China
Client: Hainan Heng Wan Star Properties Limited
Size: 853,000 m2
Type: Retail, indoor surf waterpark, residential, hotel, landscape
Scope: Master plan
Status: Completed 2013

Located on the east coast of Hainan island, Wanning and its surrounding beaches feature some of the best waves in the world, where international surfing competitions have been held in recent years. To help promote both the growing international exposure and local mainland tourism in surf culture in Hainan, the master plan proposes a new commercial and residential district north of a newly planned central park that features a luxury water and leisure lifestyle destination. A commercial spine of lifestyle retail, entertainment center, indoor surf park and hotel lines the edge of the park to define a series of residential neighborhoods linked by pedestrianized thoroughfares connecting across the park to the southern edge of the refurbished old downtown district. The park is repositioned in this way to be a central amenity defined by urban leisure and recreational outdoor activities.