Haitang Seacliff Resort

Location: Haitang Bay, Sanya (China)
Client: Mangrove Tree Travel and Hospitality Co., Ltd. / Antaeus Group Co.
Size: 82,000 m2 (site area: 21 Ha)
Type: Hotel resort (hotel, retail, entertainment, fitness/spa)
Scope: Concept design competition
Status: Design completed 2008

The Seacliff Resort is inspired by the geology of many of the world’s most dramatic coastlines and beaches. Those rugged cliffs and jagged rock formations created over centuries by the natural power of the ocean are reflected in a design which respects that energy in its form, planning and architecture. The iconic hotel tower dramatically ascends from a building form of “cliffs” and landscape terraces - the elements which contain and surround the resort shoreline. Within the cove-like shape of this shoreline, the resort grounds contain a series of private garden villas set adjacent to the beaches, and the flowing water features and pools that recall the tidal movement of the adjacent sea.

In association with 5+Design