Guiyang Landscape

Location: Guiyang, Guizhou (China)
Client: Vanke Properties, Ltd.
Size: 8 Ha
Type: Residential landscape
Scope: Concept design, schematic design,
design development
Status: Construction completion 2013

Located 4 km from the city center, downstream along the eastern edge of Nanming River in Yunyan District, the project features panoramic views of the valley from a dramatic steep hillside site with a 52 meter grade level change. The Phase 1 project area on the south part of the site included design of a commercial retail podium public plaza and streetscape, and terraced landscape connecting the plaza to the luxury residential villas above. Phase II included a community park and recreational area for the middle-income residential towers in the north part of the site. The design concept took inspiration from the splendid geology and landscape of Guizhou’s Huangguoshu waterfall, creating a cascading landscape of water features, carved stone pathways and tranquil areas from amusement and recreation.