Location: Huizhou, China
Client: Avic Real Estate
Size: 3.6 Ha (1,000 m2 Villa / 1,500 m2 Club)
Type: Private Residence and Boutique Hotel
Scope: Concept Design
Status: Completed 2014

Set within the natural splendor of the coastline beaches overlooking the South China Sea, the private villa and clubhouse are situated along the north and south side of a steep rocky hill, sheltered from the seasonal typhoon winds and overlooking the small islands of Mirror Mountain to the west. The two areas are each accessible by a separate entry, a formal public approach to the main clubhouse and guestrooms, and a winding ceremonial driveway to the private villa. The entire compound is linked together by a series of lush landscapes and pathways that highlight the experience the Garden, the Hill, and the Sea. The building masses and interior spaces of the Villa and Clubhouse are carefully arranged to maximize the view of the Mirror Mountain islands. For other spaces and guestrooms that face away from the sea, focus is created through tranquil courtyards and pools overlooking a seasonal garden and the prominent hill that distinguishes this splendid location.