Process   Innovation   Sustainability

We approach every work as a collaboration that brings together clients, consultants and builders
to develop aspirational projects that benefit users,
the environment and overall economy. With our international experience working on a range of projects from landscape, cultural buildings, office buildings, mixed use and master planning, we are accustomed to complex needs and conditions.

We are designers and thinkers who look beyond conventional solutions to create new potentials and values in our projects. We believe that creative ideas and solutions produce not only inspired design and invention, but ultimately bring greater value for our clients and for the public.

We are all increasingly interconnected in a world of finite resources, and the old models of fast growth are unsustainable. Our future will be about smart growth- the managing of resources and talents to achieve sustainable development that balance economic needs, the environment and social benefit.
Economy   Play

We believe that quality is about elevating the emotional and social value between people and space. Design is about finding the potential of a site to create unique and memorable experiences through the interaction of form, materials, space, light and the movement of people. Wherever possible, we look for qualities that distinguish a work from others, whether a building or landscape, in order create new aesthetic or environmental value for users.
Successful design is also that which is accomplished on budget. In our process, we strive to optimize the value of a project at every stage within a set of needs that considers functionality, aesthetics, program size, construction methods, quality of materials, sustainability and efficiency.
A vital part of the creative process of design, play involves intuition, analysis, discovery, and problem solving to changing or unpredictable conditions.
Far from frivolous, the most unexpected and creative possibilities can come from unconventional thinking, seeing value in what other’s overlook, to create unique solutions that bring unexpected value for our clients and the public.